• Image of Tadano Crane at The Bayon

The Angkor Temples in Cambodia are as impressive as any structures ever built in history. The Bayon depicted here was built in the 12th century and like each of the major Angkor structures is unique in it's style. Giant stone faces surround the towering structures. The heads are awe inspiring in person and clearly meant to imply an imposing forceful longevity. Time is still the greater force, and in the 8 centuries since it's construction, the Bayon along with each of the temples in Cambodia has fallen prey to decay. Major renovation efforts have been underway for decades, with different countries sponsoring the restoration of each temple. Japan leads the initiative on this temple and fittingly a Tadano crane is depicted here lifting something massive into a scaffolded construction zone in an effort to keep The Bayon majestic for many more centuries.